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Childreach Nepal

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Nepal is currently facing major challenges with high rates of human trafficking, especially of young women.


Childreach Nepal is an organisation which works with local communities to help empower and educate at-risk young people. One of the organisation’s programmes is a sports initiative where young people are provided with a safe place to take part in football training.


The training sessions also serve as a tool to raise awareness and provide educational classes which address issues such as healthcare, social exclusion, human trafficking, substance abuse and gender inequality.


The main objective of Childreach Nepal’s programmes is to reduce school dropout rates, prevent child trafficking, and empower young people to become youth mentors and young leaders.

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Childreach Nepal
Prateek Syangden

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"The football pitch which were previously filled with boys has become a playground for the girls as well. We have also seen the school dropout rates decrease significantly, this has lead children to become less vulnerable to child trafficking and unsafe migration. The community understands the importance of gender roles and equity. The impact is hugely visible." 


Prateek Syangden
Programme Coordinator (Child protections and Sports for development)
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