Key achievement

Creating the league FFIS – Feminine Soccer for Social Integration.

Centro de Educación y Desarrollo Comunitario

Network Member

Centro de Educación y Desarrollo Comunitario (formerly Asociación Civil Pro Niño Intimo) uses sport to promote education and to develop young people’s sense of citizenship and community. Three Deporte y Vida Schools have been set up in Villa El Salvador, Lima.

Since 2005, the organisation has been developing its street football programme to cultivate values such as leadership and solidarity in young people. Through this programme, and with the help of a mediator, girls and boys learn to compromise, to define rules and to respect them. Centro de Educación y Desarollo Comunitario also coordinates the Red Peruana de Fútbol Callejero (Peruvian Street Football Network).

Social Topics

Gender Equality
Peace Building
Social Integration
Youth leadership


Centro de Educación y Desarrollo Comunitario
Sara Diestro Cabanillas

Latest From Centro de Educación y Desarrollo Comunitario

“Donde otros ven pobreza, nosotros vemos oportunidades y desarrollo”

Sara Diestro
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