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3,276 children vaccinated for the flu

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As an increasing number of people in Kenya leave rural areas for cities, the slums in these cities are expanding at an unprecedented rate. Kibera, an area just outside Nairobi, is one of the most densely populated urban areas in the world and its community struggles to meet and maintain basic health and safety, education and employment needs.


Carolina for Kibera (CFK) uses sport to teach healthy life choices and promote peace across gender and ethnic divides in Kibera.


The organisation offers resources, such as support networks, to local leaders and creative people in order to help them bring their ideas to life and create sustainable long-term change. In addition to this, CFK holds football training sessions and hosts an annual football tournament where ethnic diversity is an entry requirement.


Through CFK, thousands of children and young people have been vaccinated against influenza, received access to HIV care and many have been awarded school scholarships.

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