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In British Columbia, Canada, one in five children lives below the poverty line. The literacy rate is also low and children are becoming increasingly inactive which has led to health problems. These issues, combined with a lack of communal recreational activities, often prevent children from reaching their full potential.


Canada SCORES Vancouver (CSV) works together with schools in Vancouver and the wider area to provide children with high-quality football, literacy and community engagement programmes.


The organisation’s programmes use football to promote values like teamwork and sportsmanship, and foster healthier lifestyles. Participants also take part in creative writing and language classes, and through mentoring from their coaches, develop and implement a community service of their very own.


CSV participants experience better self-esteem and demonstrate increased language proficiency and commitment to their communities.

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Canada SCORES Vancouver
Kevin Yang

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"I have seen a number of students develop new friendships within the program, both within their own school and with students from other schools. There is a genuine sense of inclusiveness that develops from the beginning to the end of the program that makes every student feel like they are part of a team.”

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