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Engaging more than 1000 children in "Soccer in the Quarters"


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In addition to regular storms and the damage and destruction they inflict in Cuba, the Cuban people are often faced with economic hardship, high rates of unemployment and social infrastructure which is not fit for purpose.


Camaquito aims to fill the gap left by insufficient infrastructure through projects that directly support the communities of CamagĂŒey, the third biggest city in Cuba.


In addition to its work renovating and maintaining schools, Camaquito also uses sport as a tool to nurture healthy development among children and young people.


One of the key programmes, “FĂștbol en Los Barrios” (football in the neighbourhoods), provides access to football training and games by converting unused plots of land into football pitches and training professional coaches within the community.


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Mark Kuster

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"Busco despertar sueños, inspirar ilusiones! Y empoderar a quienes me rodean Para que sean "agentes de cambio positivo"."

Mark Andreas Kuster
Fundador de la ONG Camaquito
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