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According to a recent study by the World Bank, the unemployment rate among disabled people in Argentina is estimated to be close to 91 percent. Poverty is often a by-product of disability, those affected also tend to experience widespread exclusion from the social and political life of their communities.


Founded in 1991, Asociación Civil Andar creates innovative opportunities to unlock the potential of people with disabilities and help them play an active role in society. Through a combination of work experience programmes, sports, arts, culture and health-related activities, the organisation offers this vulnerable group a path out of exclusion.


Civil Andar’s “Liga de Fútbol Inclusiva” (Inclusive Football League) uses the power of football to promote and foster the active participation of people with disabilities in society, while also addressing stigmatisation and prejudice.

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Asociación Civil Andar
Juan Rivas

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“La Liga Inclusiva permite a través de la práctica deportiva promover valores, equiparar oportunidades y generar redes de cooperación para construir una sociedad más inclusiva.”

Raúl Lucero
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