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Asociación Civil Los Pioneros

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Callao has some of the highest poverty rates in Peru. Many young people are forced to forgo schooling to begin work - usually labour intensive jobs - to help provide for their families.


Since 1978 Asociación Civil Los Pioneros has developed multiple football-based programmes in the city of Callao - a port city located west of Peru’s capital Lima. Football is at the heart of the organisation’s education framework creating an environment of freedom, fun, and empowerment.


Los Pioneros believes every child and adolescent should have access to quality education, health care and have the power to choose their own destiny. Every child on the programme has the opportunity to participate in and organise projects to help promote education, well-being and life skills. Such skills are vital for the future of young people in areas rife with poverty and violence.


Los Pioneros’ programmes focus on the vision that all young people have the right to better themselves and become leaders in the community. These beliefs are built on the main pillars of honesty, solidarity, reciprocity and transparency.

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Asociación Civil Los Pioneros
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