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Empowering girls and women in Mali for over 10 years


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Women in Mali are at risk of enduring violence and limited access to education, employment and often lack the basic right of making their own decisions. While there are many social programmes that tackle these issues, few focus specifically on young girls and women.


Association Malienne pour la Promotion de la Jeune Fille et de la Femme (AMPJF) seeks to encourage social awareness, confidence and the empowerment of Mali’s women of all ages through support groups but also through coaching and training. The organisation incentivises women to form their own structures where they can discuss their specific issues and form new ideas on how to achieve the change they want to see in the world.


AMPJF manages the Football for Hope Centre of Baguinéda, on the outskirts of Bamako, and is now partnering with another organisation to set up a similar programme for boys in order to involve them in the change process as well.

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Souadou Diabaté Koné

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