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In several regions of South Africa young people are plagued by gang violence and drug usage which has led to dramatically increasing school dropout rates.


AMANDLA EduFootball is an international organisation with a mission to create “Safe-Hubs” that harness the power of football to help at-risk young people. A Safe-Hub provides an alternative to the toxic environment of despair and hopelessness that many young people

grow up in. It is a place of physical and emotional safety where young people’s rights are recognised, their responsibilities are encouraged and their potential is realised.


Through partnerships with local schools, clubs, government institutions and organisations, the Safe-Hub infrastructure uses football as a common platform to develop life skills, provide coaching and training as well as mentor young people, thus enabling them to realise their dreams and ambitions.


The model has been endorsed as a best-practice by the United Nations and has won numerous international awards for its ground-breaking impact on the reduction of violence and improvement of education results in South Africa.

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“A world where all young people access equal opportunities, strive to realise their full potential and dare to dream...”

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