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Nearly 3 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya and Zambia. Alive & Kicking believes that by combining social entrepreneurship with sport’s mass appeal, lasting economic and social development can be achieved in Africa.


Alive & Kicking uses football as a platform to educate young people in high-risk regions of Africa about the importance of maintaining healthy and active lifestyles. The organisation trains coaches to teach participants about personal hygiene techniques and mediate discussions about a number of preventable illnesses and diseases.


Alive & Kicking also provides job opportunities for thousands of young people in these regions, employing people in Kenya, and Zambia.

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Alive and Kicking
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“Alive Kicking has meant being able to educate my children for the first time - I have paid my children through school and invested in a farming project. My life is better and I know others are helped through our health programmes”

Alive and Kicking employee in Kenya
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