20 December 2016

streetfootballworld has teamed up with The Loyalist to bring you our new holiday merchandise which has been designed on the basis that football is, for many, a sanctuary.


A sanctuary is where we go to find peace—to unwind and recharge in the midst of life’s inevitable obstacles. For many of us, the holiday season is a time to slow down and retreat to our own personal sanctuaries. This could mean anything from returning to a home full of food and loved ones to hiking through the woods in silence and solitude.


For the boys and girls in streetfootballworld’s network, sanctuary is the football pitch. It transcends poverty lines, overcomes gender roles and forgets political conflicts. On the pitch, and beside their teammates, these young people find a sense of belonging that enables them to value fair play, inclusion and dialogue. For them, holiday season or not, football is a celebration in and of itself.


streetfootballworld is committed to expanding and improving these sanctuaries for boys and girls around the world. By purchasing our new line of sanctuary gear, you will be directly supporting our efforts to create safe and inclusive communities through football.


Go to www.theloyalist.com/streetfootballworld to get your gear today!


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