14 February 2018

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Premier League, which officially kicked off on 29th November 2017 in London. streetfootballworld has been contracted to support the Premier League in restructuring their existing small grants programme for development projects in football beyond the borders of Europe. The new “International Development Fund” will support collaborative projects between the Community Organisations of Premier League Clubs and community based organisations like streetfootballworld network members, as well as selected individual projects led by streetfootballworld network members in the areas of sports participation, education and life skills development. 


The new set-up enables Premier League Club Community Organisations to use the quality seal of the streetfootballworld network to find a trusted first-class international partner for a collaboration project that will enable knowledge and skill exchange. Selected streetfootballworld network members will receive the unique chance to partner with a Premier League Club and to share their extensive experience in using football to create opportunities for young people all over the world. In addition, the community grants for individual projects will further enhance the support of the Premier League for the field of football for good.


The new Fund received very positive feedback from the heads of Community at the kick-off meeting in London as many see a great chance not only to strengthen their international outreach, but also to receive new input to further develop their own domestic programmes.


“The Premier League has long been a great supporter of football for good,” streetfootballworld Associate Vladimir Borković noted, “it is a role model for all professional football leagues with regard to social commitment. The International Development Fund promises to be a catalyst for excellent new collaboration projects between Premier League Community Club Organisations and streetfootballworld network members, further enhancing the quality of work on both sides.” 


The International Development Fund’s first phase will run until 2019 with two funding windows currently planned.

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