24 June 2016

Seattle Reign FC star Megan Rapinoe has taken another major step in her quest for equality and human rights by becoming a global ambassador for streetfootballworld.


The position allows Megan to combine her love of soccer with her passionate advocacy work in order to effect change globally. She spoke with sincere enthusiasm about creating new opportunities for young people through the power of the game:


“Soccer has given me so much both on and off the field. I believe I have a responsibility to fight for those same opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, race or socio-economic background. That’s why I’m proud to team up with streetfootballworld as their global ambassador and I can’t wait to start helping more young people achieve their goals.”


Megan received a warm welcome from the streetfootballworld network in response to the ambassador announcement, with young people from all over the world welcoming her to their team:




Jürgen Griesbeck, co-founder and CEO of streetfootballworld, spoke with pride of the newest addition to the streetfootballworld family:


“Inequality and prejudice—whether based on gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or any other aspect of what it is to be a human being—pose serious threats to us all. Soccer offers us a way to transcend our differences, work together, and ultimately overcome the challenges faced by disadvantaged young people around the globe. Megan has established herself not only as a massively talented soccer player, but more importantly, as a genuine, devoted advocate of equality and human rights, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board.”


Rapinoe joins fellow World Cup winner Juan Mata in her ambassadorial role. Together they will stand for streetfootballworld and how and why we uses soccer to tackle social challenges that range from gender equality in Kenya to conflict resolution in Colombia.

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