17 February 2016

Unleash Football: Cast your vote for the FIFA presidential election 


All five of FIFA’s presidential candidates have entered a public discussion on the future of social responsibility for football’s governing body. This unprecedented exchange of ideas comes in response to Unleash Football: a movement founded by streetfootballworld CEO Jürgen Griesbeck that has given fans their say on how the beautiful game can become a greater source of social good.  


Over the past six months, Unleash Football has amassed a wide array of ideas and insights from the football-loving community. These responses form the basis of a newly published white paper, which outlines three key ingredients in the game fans want to see: (1) establishing gender equality, (2) rethinking the finances of professional football and (3) connecting to communities.


In a world-first, the presidential candidates have now entered a public discussion in response to the white paper, sharing their views on how football can and should act with regard to each of the emergent themes. Their input is now available on the Unleash Football website, where you can contribute to the discussion and vote for your preferred candidates.


As the FIFA presidential election – scheduled for February 26 – draws near, the media spotlight has become increasingly fixed on questions of how football’s governing body should look and behave in the future. But despite ongoing calls for a more transparent election campaign, attempts to engage the presidential candidates in a public dialogue have consistently fallen short.


Earlier in 2016, a European Parliament debate was spectacularly abandoned after two candidates pulled out with less than 48 hours’ notice. The BBC later announced that its own plans for a FIFA presidential debate had been cancelled courtesy of similar withdrawals. This leaves Unleash Football as the only public space in which all candidates will share their views and state their intentions. 


If you care about the future of the people’s game then cast your vote for the People’s Choice of presidential candidates. Head to Unleash Football now and tell the world who you think should lead FIFA into a new era.


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