6 October 2016

Without question, one of the biggest hits of streetfootballworld Festival 16 was Field of Dreamsa song composed Brian Elkington and Michael McGlynn, and produced by Michael McGlynn at Vienna People Studios. It has since become a much-celebrated anthem of football for good and even given rise to its own dance.



We caught up with Michael to discuss the origins of the song and the positive power of football more generally:


Can you tell us a little bit about Field of Dreams came about? What was the inspiration behind it?

My long time collaborator and dear friend Brian Elkington wrote the song initially for an amazing football programme started by our friend Anne Bunde-Birouste called Football United which helps refugees to build their lives in the diverse Australian community. Initially it was pretty much a folk songbeautiful lyrics with guitar and vocals. As producer I wanted it to be anthemic and something a crowd could sing along to, so we re-wrote the chorus and gave the song more of a party feel. We were aiming to make people feel great while hearing an important and positive message. 


What made you think the song would be a good fit for the festival?

The song is about inclusionit celebrates not only the diversity and commonality in people around the world, but also the power of football to affect people's lives and to be an agent for profound and meaningful change. And that's what Festival 16 was all about, so it seemed like a perfect fit. 


How did you think having a group song would contribute to the festival?

I hoped it would make people smile, dance and sing along. The message of the song and the Festival are in essence one and the same. And hopefully the song, through the power of music, helped reinforce that message. And hopefully everyone who hears that message will continue to sing it to the world. 


How would you like to see the song used in the future?

As a songwriter all you ever want is for your music to move peopleeither their feet, minds or heartsbut preferably all three. All the songwriting and production royalties have been donated by Brian and myself to Football United to assist them in changing people's lives, so from that perspective I hope it gets a squillion plays. At the end of the day we just hope it helps spread love and compassion in its own way, now and into the future. 


What was the most exciting aspect of Festival 16 to you?

Festival 16 was at its core about sharing love and compassion, and they are the most important gifts anyone can receive. There are so many amazing people out there dedicating their time and energy to help others and make a real difference in people's lives. Their stories desperately need to be told, and Festival 16 helped showcase many of those stories. The world is full of beauty, hope, and love, but sadly we are bombarded with constant negativity and conflict by the media at large. Festival 16 reminded us of the beauty that humans are not only capable of, but spreading throughout the world every day. And if that's not worth celebrating I don't know what is. 


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