22 December 2016

Earlier this year, streetfootballworld joined forces with FedEx, UEFA Foundation for Children and Red Deporte y Cooperación to provide young people from Cañada Real, Spain, with a safe place to play.


Situated within Madrid, Cañada Real is regarded as one of the most economically disadvantaged districts in all of Spain. Its living conditions are so poor that, in 2011, The Independent referred to it as ‘a slum to shame Europe’.


But this project has marked a step in the right direction.


In a team effort, streetfootballworld was responsible for developing, managing and implementing the project, while the UEFA Foundation for Children acted as a facilitator and coordinator. FedEx, the world’s largest express transportation company, provided financial assistance as part of FedEx Cares, a $200m programme aimed at creating opportunities in more than 200 communities by 2020.


FedEx has now produced a great video detailing the project, which you can check out here:


If you'd like to support in Madrid and, indeed, all over the world, be sure to check out our donation page.


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