10 December 2015

In addition to empowering young people through football, East Africa Festival 2015 is aimed at strengthening relations between the organisations in attendance. Day two of the festival featured a special session organised for these organisations, allowing them to forge connections and exchange ideas. A range of topics were raised over the course of the event, including:


  • Fostering peaceful coexistence: addressing the conflicts within the east African region and exploring the potential of football3 to promote the conflict resolution without violence.
  • Women empowerment in the East African region: ensuring girls have equal access to football-based development programmes.
  • Education for the young people: using football as a tool to encourage formal and non-formal education for young people in the region.


TYSA founder Francis Gichuki spoke at length about the importance of East African organisations coming together to tackle these pressing issues:


“The East African community has a lot of commonalities, common issues affecting the region that can be addressed through the power of football. The festival is a self-drive initiative; it is driven by the communities and the organisations that believe in the power of football within East-Africa”


Francis was also eager to highlight the festival's role in facilitating new experiences and cultural exchanges between the young people in attendance:


“The Festival provides opportunities for workshops, opportunities for learning from each other and opportunities to play and have fun. When the young people are traveling 24 hours from Kampala or travelling the same hours from Burundi they are learning a lot from the experience, and that is the beauty about this Festival, it provides the adventure itself.”


streetfootballworld Festival 16 was another lively topic of discussion. The organisations expressed a strong interest to attend the event and exchange insights with an international assortment of football for good enthusiasts.


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