9 September 2016

David Osorio is among the millions of victims of forced displacement in Colombia, having moved to Altos de Cazucá with his family at the age of 12. 


Situated on the outskirts of Bogota, Cazucá is a notoriously dangerous and socially conflicted neighbourhood. It is a place that sees a frightening number kids join gangs and deal drugs from a very young age. Many end up in jail. Some end up dead. 


But David's story is different. In 2007 he joined Fundación Tiempo de Juego: a local organisation that aspires to strengthen its embattled community through a combination of sport, art and music. 


Tiempo de Juego deals with some of the hardest-to-reach kids in the areakids who, in many cases, have nothing to eat, can't go to school and are constantly exposed to dangers on the street. Through their participation at Tiempo de Juego, however, they have a safe space to develop and a new family to call their own. 


It wasn't long before David became a living example of the positive impact the organisation is having on young lives. He started to take on responsibilities for the Fundación, first as a monitor, then as a football coordinator and then, finally, as a community operator. In 2013, he received a full scholarship to study physical education, sports and recreation at the University of Santo Tomás. 


With support from streetfootballworld and Sony, David developed and managed a certification course for Tiempo de Juego participants. The course provides an opportunity for young supervisors from the organisation to follow in David's footsteps and study at Santo Tomás. 


David has now moved to Las Palmas University in Gran Canaria, Spain, for the final year of his studies and made a video sharing his story so far.




For information on how you can support him on his mission to empower disadvantaged young people, be sure to check out his fundraising page on the Tiempo de Juego website.

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