14 November 2017

Since we launched Common Goal in August, the movement has grown rapidly. Our team now boasts players from more than a dozen countries across six continents, as well as a dedicated manager in Julian Nagelsmann. All of these members share our vision for what football, when used as a force for good, can accomplish. But it’s not just players and managers who are getting involved. We’ve been blown away by the response from the broader football community, with everyone from players to journalists to referees to fans to institutions reaching out to offer their support.


Last month Common Goal not only attended the World Football Summit (WFS) in Madrid, it also participated in a panel examining the ways in which football can change the world. The panel discussed the growing advantages of merging the business and social dimensions of football. In addition to endorsing Common Goal, WFS also made the pledge itself.


“At World Football Summit, we have always been inspired by the work of streetfootballworld,” explained WFS on its website. “When Common Goal was launched, we immediately felt connected to the project. WFS provides a platform for business engagement, communication and knowledge sharing for the football industry so we consider ourselves as an important part of this growing industry. It is an honour and a privilege for WFS to become part of the growing family that is Common Goal.”


While Common Goal started as a player-driven movement, we are now broadening our horizons and welcoming participation from a broader range of stakeholders. Over the coming months, we will redevelop our website to make it possible for anyone—from individuals to institutions—to make the pledge and officially join the movement. As Common Goal continues to gather momentum, be sure to follow the news for more exciting developments coming soon.


If you’re interested, you can sign up to the Common Goal mailing list here:


Common Goal Mailing List


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