14 August 2017

Last Friday, August 4, Juan Mata wrote an article for the Player's Tribune

“Today, I am launching something that I hope will help to change the world, even if only in some small way,” he began. “And I hope that other footballers around the world will help me in this goal.”


Juan was referring to Common Goal, a streetfootballworld-driven initiative that aspires to unite the football industry behind a shared commitment to give back. Through Common Goal, players pledge 1% of their wages to a collective fund, which we then distribute to football-based charities around the world.


Shortly after Juan’s Players’ Tribune piece was published in the US, European media began reporting on the story. Common Goal was soon making headlines in newspapers ranging from The Guardian (England) to El País (Spain) to Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany) to L'Equipe (France).


This was already an encouraging development. At a time when football headlines are dominated by news of record breaking transfers, astronomical wages and accusations of tax evasion, it’s relieving to see that people are still interested in the idea of football giving back to the community.


As it turned out, these headlines were just the beginning of what would soon become an avalanche of positive press.


Within the space of just a few hours, Common Goal was being talked about by literally hundreds of news outlets from all over the world. Croatia, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, South Africa. The list goes on.


Juan received widespread praise for having pledged to give back 1% of his salary at a time when the commercialisation of football is increasingly under question. And prominent football figures started calling on other players to join Juan as part of the Common Goal movement.


It’s been a wild week. But we’re only just getting started.


Looking further ahead, we want to create a sustainable connection between the entire football industry and the world of football for good, where 1% of all industry income is invested in football-based projects that give back to society.


You can join us on this journey by signing up at common-goal.org, and following us on social media:


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Together, we really can make this happen.


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