6 November 2017


streetfootballworld has always been about collective effort. Team play is at the heart of our values and at the core of what we do. The streetfootballworld network, the trust base it is built upon and the shared vision its members pursue, represent the way in which we work and live our lives. The development of this ever-growing group of organisations led by extraordinary individuals is in itself already a source of personal pride and inspiration, fuelling our belief that another world is possible. But why football? 


Football is not only a metaphor for the team play we believe in, it also offers a safe space for building communities, learning about winning and losing and for pursuing dreams. Football is probably the biggest unifier in today’s world, bridging all sorts of divides. I would go even further and say that football has the potential to take on a global leadership role and become a role model and counter-narrative to the growing egoism, separatism and me first-attitude, by living up to the very principles of the game. One team, one humanity!


It’s no secret that in order to be an ethical and moral authority, the football industry needs to transform and take the game to a next level. This is, in brief, why we recently started the Common Goal movement. Connecting the so far separated worlds of football and football for good, but also connecting a world that appears to be drifting apart - through football. What seems like a hazardous task and crazy idea is also just a natural next step towards achieving the mission streetfootballworld was set up for in a first place: Changing the world through football.


Still, and despite the fact that we knew that we needed to take this next giant leap, we all had more than a few sleepless nights. “No footballer will ever sign up, this is not the way the world works,” said the sceptics. Moving on in the face of such adversity took courage that we were only able to muster up because we also encountered many likeminded “teammates”, who assured us that we weren’t alone in this endeavour. 


The response to the launch of Common Goal in August this year, only three months ago, shows that it has already become part of people's imagination. And I firmly believe that this magic is happening because of the unique passion football inspires and because the rationale behind this movement is not just the idea of giving back, but the dream of building a better world, together, as a team. Exceeding our expectations by far, people from all walks of life have expressed and are expressing their desire to be part of this movement.


Here we are. Believing like never before that together we can make possible the impossible and, along the way, enjoy every single day of this collective journey.


Yours in changing the world through football,


Jürgen Griesbeck 




FOOTBALL4GOOD Magazine - Issue 4/November 2017

Read the latest edition of Football4Good magazine with a special focus on Common Goal and the importance of the Collective Effort as a driving force behind our work.

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