4 December 2015

£400,000. Six Causes. You decide how they're funded.


We're in the midst of an historic time for the football industry – a time in which the world is increasingly asking who football is for. streetfootballworld is proud to support a range of professional football clubs that use the beautiful game to give back to their communities. Cityzens Giving is one such example.  


Manchester City FC, New York City FC and Melbourne City FC have launched their annual Cityzens Giving campaign, supporting six charity projects in six cities around the world. Designed by young people for young people, the projects all use football to address the social issues facing their communities.  


£400,000 has been donated by the clubs and fans, partners and the wider public can have a say in how funds are split across the projects. It’s simple, by voting for the cause that inspires you most, you will increase their share of the votes. The more votes a project gets, the more funding it receives.


Vote now and make a difference here

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