28 September 2017

About Us


streetfootballworld is a global NGO that harnesses the power of football to tackle some of the greatest social challenges of our time. Our work supports an international network of over 120 grassroots organisations that use football as a tool to address deep-rooted community issues, ranging from refugee integration in Ireland to gender equality in Kenya. Collectively, the network empowers more than two million disadvantaged young people per year.



About the Project


As part of our support for our network members, we not only want to assist them in implementing projects, but also want to help them share knowledge, learn and improve.  A key part of this learning process is the ability to collect quality data.

However, collecting data from youth can present its own unique challenges. After all, not many kids are interested in filling in a boring questionnaire or sitting down for an interview. Yet the insights from these young people are essential in helping us understand what is happening in the field.



This is where you come in


We are looking for a game developer interested in helping us gain insights in how our football programmes support the social integration and positive development of youth and refugees. The goal of the project is to develop a mobile game that is fun and engaging and easily adopted in the field. After testing the prototype, we want to make this mobile game available to the public so that everyone in the sport for development community can benefit.



Essentially, we want to gamify an evaluation tool


If you are a coder and want the chance to work with our amazing NGO partners across Europe, gain insights into the field of football for good and are keen to volunteer your time to help our members improve, then we’d love to hear from you!


Please contact Louis Moustakas,  moustakas@streetfootballworld.org, to get more information and schedule a chat.


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