Why Get Involved?

Attraction. Use football to attract and engage your hard-to-reach communities.

Retention. Take an active approach that boosts retention in your development programmes.

Impact. Magnify your impact with progressive solutions to the most pressing social challenges.

We work closely with a diverse selection of public sector stakeholders and governments, presenting them with investment opportunities that range from education to employment to equality. Using football as a tool, our public partners are able to get hard-to-reach young people into development programmes. And keep them there. Our co-created projects are place a premium on innovation, scalability and sustainable growth.  


This creates an impact that continues to grow over time, as each individual beneficiary becomes a multiplier for many more. The end result is social change that outlives the duration of any project lifecycle. When it comes to measuring this change, we use proven monitoring and evaluation tools to ensure tangible outcomes for national governments, multinational organisations and supranational institutions alike.  


Future collaborative opportunities include:


  • Programme support for local communities
  • Organisational development
  • Training and capacity building
  • Events and forums


Interested? Contact us to discover how you can use football to empower young people in need.

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