Why Get Involved?

Innovation. Support initiatives that strengthen your image as an innovative proponent of social change.

Scale. Broaden the scale of your mission through targeted social programmes based all over the world.

Legacy. Invest in sustainable solutions that ensure long-term impact and maximise your social legacy.

Our partner foundations are as diverse as they are distinguished - a varied body of actors and stakeholders that positively impact the world. Although the scope of these partnerships can vary from one project to the next, the underlying goal remains the same: empowering young people through football.  


Our joint initiatives emphasise innovation, ensure scalability and create long-term impact. They also add value to our partner foundation by supporting their missions and strengthening their legacies. Since our inception, we have joined forces with some of the most forward-thinking foundations in the world, ranging from AVINA Stiftung to Jacobs to Laureus Sport For Good.


Future collaborative opportunities include:


  • Programme support for local communities
  • Organisational development 
  • Involvement in infrastructure projects
  • Dissemination of football3 methodology


Interested? Get in touch to learn more about how we can enhance your social impact.

Case Studies

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