Exchange knowledge with your other organisations and access to opportunities to enlarge your expertise.


Leverage our global network of community organisations to increase the visibility of your work.


Gain access to new partnership opportunities that generate resources for your cause.

Over the past 15 years we have develop a network of football for good organisations with track-record in the field. In order to become part of the network, organisations apply and undergo an evaluation process that assesses their organisational strength, the quality of their programmes, the value they will potentially bring to the network and the benefits they can reap from it. By becoming part of the streetfootballworld network, our members benefit from gaining access to resources, increasing their visibility and being presented with opportunities to share knowledge and expertise.

Although the scope of their initiatives may differ, all of our network members are non-profit organisations that use football as a tool to drive social change. If you lead such an organisation then we would love to explore the potential for network membership.  



Application process


Every year, streetfootballworld aims to enlarge its network by 10%. To do so, we welcome organisations from across the globe to apply to become new network members.

The application process to become a new network member consists of a number of procedures and steps that enable streetfootballworld to evaluate and assess whether the applicant meets the quality standards of our network. Our selection process is based upon these standards and is the basic principle for network membership. This document  provides an overview of the different steps of the application process, the criteria used to evaluate potential new network members, the decision-making process and human resources involved, as well as the mechanisms that enable streetfootballworld to follow up on the journey of our network members.

 You are welcome to send us an email at network@streetfootballworld.org to introduce your organisation, or raise any questions regarding the membership process.

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