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(Felipe Nascimento)
(Stephanie Bermeo Villegas)
SFW Orange x SFW White
(Andrew Berlin)
eu x eles
(Douglas Brauner)
Asmera x NGA
Syrien x World
Breidenbach FC x Henkel FC
Friedenstaube x Smiling Coast
Henkel FC x NGA
football3 rules list
public rule
The goalkeeper is rotated after each goal scored (e.g. between a boy and a girl).
public rule
Both teams celebrate when a goal is scored, regardless of who scored it.
public rule
Both teams enter and exit the pitch holding hands/as one team/displaying a banner from each team.
public rule
Goals can be scored from all over the pitch or only past the half-way line.
public rule
There is a special joint celebration or ritual after the completion of the match.
public rule
A girl has to score first for the other goals to count.
public rule
The ball cannot be played above waist height.
public rule
Each consecutive goal scored by a team must alternate between a girl player and boy player.
public rule
There is a fixed goalkeeper, no goalkeeper or the last defender can use their hands in the penalty area.