During a sport session there are some people that play under the shadow of the leaders, and sometimes they do not have the chance to overcome some fears, or to try and see their potential. This session is about reflecting on this and developing self-confidence to help individuals reach their potential.


Reflect about choices and goals, and how that connects to self-confidence.

Created by

Balon Mundial

Length of the session


Number of participants

12 - 20

Age of participants

12 and up


football pitch or gym cones balls

Required knowledge, skills and preparation of the trainer

Facilitation and mediation skills.

Session plan

Session plan

Warm-up (15')


4 minutes free warm up
4 minutes they split into pairs, with one ball each, free warm up (they can do whatever they want)
4 minutes the group splits in groups of 4, one ball each group free warm up
3 minutes one circle with everybody, each one has to suggest/show one stretching exercise (if someone needs help the trainer can help)


First half (15')


The pitch has 4 corners, and each corner has one challenge/exercise with the ball. Use cones, and all the material needed and try to create the 4 games with different difficulties. One should be very easy, one not so easy, one quite hard, one very hard.

After explaining every challenge, each person should choose one  to try. It doesn’t matter how many people are in each corner (it could be 10 in one and 2 in the other). After 4 minutes they stop and they change to the corner on the right side.



Second half (15')


Play a normal, short fair-play football game - except that, goals made with the head counts for 3 points and goals made with three passes counts for 3 points.



Cool-down (10')


Each person from each team has 5 kicks.
The game is played in one half of the pitch. The task is to kick the ball from the penalty point and try to hit the crossbar or the posts. One person from team A, and then one person from team B and so on.



Third half (15')


Explain the meaning of the games: self-confidence is the topic of the session

- at the beginning how did you feel to have no directions about how to warm up? Did you feel confident to do something or did you wait to see what the others started to do? In the stretching part did you receive any help when it was your turn?
- in the first game (4 corners) did you choose an easier or harder challenge? Why?
- In the short football game, did you try to score with the head? And what about the three passes?
- In the last game, the cool-down, did you feel that it was too hard? What was you intention? To hit the crossbar or the posts?



Evaluation process for the session:


The aim of the trainers is to observe the dynamics during the games, see how the kids behave after the task. One point is to let them think on what happened, and how they react knowing that the game was about self-confidence. One last question could be –do you feel confident in this moment right here with your friends in a football pitch?, or, in which situation you feel confident with yourself?










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