Cameroon Football Development Program

Location: Cameroon

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Justin Forzano

6101 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15206, USA

Cameroon Football Development Program (CFDP) is an international sport for development organization based jointly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and Kumba, Cameroon, Africa. CFDP's mission is to use the game of football to improve the lives of youth in under-served communities in Cameroon. We train coaches to be mentors who apply holisitic approach to their coaching style. We create opportunities for youth to play the game they love in a safe environment. 

We have developed an innovative model which infuses values and life skills right into our competitions. This was developed through our Youth Enrichment Football League sponsored by The Rotary Foundation. Currently we run tournaments in new communities, after coaches' training with partners Coachs Across Continents, to build awareness about the power of sport to improve the lives of youth.  In 2015, we will launch our first full-length season for local football clubs which will be an opportunity to showcase our unique approach to education and empowerment through football.

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