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From August 6 – 9, all 14 streetfootballworld network members in...


Sebastian Schweinsteiger leading Germany in World Cup celebrations

The whole world was watching on Sunday as Germany and Argentina put on 120...

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14 / 7 / 2014

The Football for Hope Festival 2014 in Caju, Brazil ended yesterday, July...

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11 / 7 / 2014

  • Team picture at the event kick-off (photo by Adriano Facuri)
  • Making the first introductions on the opening day (photo by Adriano Facuri)S:\PIC\03_Events\2014\140613_Future Goals Forum
  • Getting ready for a football3 match at the Museu da República (photo by Adriano Facuri)
  • Cheering at the football3 match (photo by Adriano Facuri)
  • Sony workshop on leadership and change (photo by Adriano Facuri)
  • Young leaders, streetfootballworld staff and local community members before the Brazil-Chile game (photo by Adriano Facuri)
  • The young leaders were divided in four groups to discuss the forum topics.
  • Every group presented their conclusions in front of their peers.
  • Sony workshop on leadership and change
  • Mediators introduced new ideas and topics for discussion.
  • Angeline from HODI teaching everybody a Kenyan dance (photo by Adriano Facuri)
  • Watching the Brazil-Chile World Cup game with the local community of Sinal do Vale (photo by Adriano Facuri)
  • Watching the Brazil-Chile World Cup game with the local community of Sinal do Vale (photo by Adriano Facuri)

From June 27-30, 35 inspiring young people from around the world traveled...


4 / 7 / 2014

As the World Cup entered the knockout stage last week, streetfootballworld...

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2 / 7 / 2014

football3 is a method by which players learn how to respect and...


5 / 11 / 2013

Peace Day

Millions of children in over 130 countries stand to benefit from Coaches...

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31 / 7 / 2014

 Even if happiness is huge about having summer holidays, sometimes it...

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28 / 7 / 2014

Between June 28th and July 10th the "Peace Team", composed of 6...

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24 / 7 / 2014

Rules to make a game fair are not only for mixed teams. Only boys teams...

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23 / 7 / 2014

The World Cup atmosphere was not only confined to Brazil’s football...

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21 / 7 / 2014

  • Original design plans for the Edendale Centre.
  • The construction process took a team!
  • Finished building where WhizzKids United will continue to run health education programmes with football.
  • Opening ceremony in June.
  • Finished football pitch.

The Edendale Football for Hope Centre is located in Edendale, the largest...


16 / 7 / 2014